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We are a Calgary-based company who specialize in custom software development. Our expertise ranges from PDA and desktop development to web development with a wide range of technologies and operating systems.

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About Zebra Projects

Zebra Projects has a number of years of collective experience with various SCADA systems and the development of protocols for use with SCADA systems. We have implemented SCADA in various industries including Defense, Mining, Oil & Gas and Utilities. We offer custom software development (For example, applications making use of SCADA data and protocol implementations - Modbus, BSAP, Totalflow, Mercury, HP 48000), SCADA integration including configuration, display development and project management.


Zebra Projects has been developing (VoIP) Voice over Internet Protocol products since May 2006. From that time, the products were marketed by our joint venture partner, Everything IP. As of 1 September 2007, Zebra has been providing these products and related services directly.


Zebra Projects has also been providing general IT support services to a number of customers in Calgary and welcome new customers for these services.


Zebra Projects developed a range of data collection products for the Palm and Pocket PC - mainly for work flow analysis - this lead to our Time Sheet system SeNSe which evolved to a combination of Web application with Palm and Pocket PC remote collection devices. Developing these products lead to us gaining solid experience with PalmOS and Windows CE product development.