Although most of Zebra's business is custom software development, we are also taking advantage of other opportunities, applying our extensive experience to product development.

Zebra CMS

Ever wanted to have the freedom of NOT having to call for support to make small or large additions to your website? ZebraCMS alllows you to do this NOW. No calling, no waiting for an appointment. You don't even need to know HTML/CSS/Javascript! Finally a simple, easy solution to all your website needs.



  • Add and organize photo albums
  • Stream promotional audio files with the playlist editor
  • The WYSIWIG editor makes content editing easy
  • Use the menu editor to organize your entire site
  • Make images and files downloadable with the File manager
  • Add as many pages as you like
  • No FTP'ing files back and forth required
  • Change your content from anywhere in the world


ZebraCMS allows you to be in control of your public image. It is ideal for small to medium businesses that cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a custom website solution. This was exactly the niche that ZebraCMS was designed for.

An internet presence plays a key role in the success of your business. You can take advantage of this with ZebraCMS.

Take a look at our design portfolio to see some examples of ZebraCMS in action or simply explore this website - it was built and is managed with ZebraCMS!


Zebra SeNSe

Zebra spent a number of years developing applications for capturing work flow for various organizations. We started out providing tools on the Palm and Pocket PC and it eventually grew to a much more comprehensive solution.

Working on the wok flow tools allowed us the opportunity to experiment and we used the expertise gained to design a great tool for time sheet management. Over the years the Suite has been extended to provide additional functionality such as modules for handling expenses, generating timesheet reports, automatic ticklers for late time sheets,  etc.

 A number of customers have used this solution and we continue to work on new versions of the SeNSe tools.

 Contact us to get more information on this great tool.